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Its all about the expression – The Headshot Guys

The camera can be quite an intimidating instrument when it’s staring right at you. Once in front of it, the majority of us just seem to tense up. What is it about the way models pose that set them apart from the average person? What are the tricks they are using that make them turn out so much better. The answer is Squinching! SQUINCH? The secret facial expressions that can make anyone look more photogenic in an instant. What is Squinching?...

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Headshot Booth for Corporate Events – Bradkay Photographix

A headshot is the equivalent to a book cover. You become interested in what’s inside by what you see on the cover, and a headshot is a direct representation of the most important feature. If you can’t hire a professional photographer, you can now take a professional headshot using “The Headshot Booth”. The Headshot Booth allows you to take numerous shots and then choosing the best shot that showcases your face. Everyone loves a...

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The importance of Headshots for Professionals – The Headshot Guys

The headshot has a number of uses but the primary function is to enhance communication with customers, colleagues and other professionals. They are used in annual reports, newsletters and magazines, on company websites and with press releases for use across a wide range of media. Headshots are worth a thousand words. That is particularly true in business, when the professional appearance can differentiate one business from another. In today’s...

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