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Cancer Sucks – My recent History by Kris Lund

After experiencing the darkest depths of life with cancer, a local photographer is focusing on capturing the essence of people’s personalities in a single frame to enhance their new-found online identities.  While the dentist pulled 15 of his cavity-free teeth out by their roots, a thousand thoughts raced through Brad Delaney’s mind, not many of them positive. If he had something to be happy about, it was that he wouldn’t lose his...

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When to update your Headshot – Bradkay Photographix

Your Headshot makes the first impression before you meet any industry professional. Your Headshot is your calling card and without a great headshot you will be at real disadvantage. Your Headshot gets you in the door – it gives you the opportunity to get a job. Your Headshot should look like you as you normally look every day of the year. It is important to keep your Headshots current if you engage someone online, as using an outdated...

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Headshots for Older Generations

Headshots for Older Generations Employees. They’re the one thing that businesses everywhere have a need for. And not just employees, but employees who are honest, reliable, loyal, focussed, organized and mature. Employers spend millions of hours each year placing ads, interviewing candidates, hiring and training workers only to find that many of the employees they hire work for them for just a few months only to decide they don’t want that...

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