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After The Shoot

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After the Shoot


Preparing for a Headshot Shoot2

The Gallery

Brad creates a unique proofing gallery for everyone of his Headshot & Profile Image shoots.  After the shoot Brad will go through your Images and eliminate any that you have decided you don’t like.  He will then create an online proofing  gallery for you and give you access to that gallery via your e-mail address.

How long does it Take ?

Brad understands that you are busy and will endeavor to have your proofing Gallery up and ready within 2 working days of the shoot.

How do I select which Images I want ?

Brad uses a great system that looks to make it a very easy process for you to choose your Images.  Brad will send you a link to your gallery via e-mail.  Once you click on the link you will be taken to a password area.  You will need to punch in your unique password that will also be in the e-mail that Brad sent you.  Once you have gained access to your gallery you will notice that there are a number of thumb nailed Images and 1 large image on the right hand side. If you click on a thumb nail it will appear in larger size on the right hand side.  Underneath the larger Image you will notice a button that says ” add to favorites ” If you click on this button you will notice a little red heart will appear on the thumbnail of the image you have selected.  Next to the “add to favorites” button is another button that says ” view favorites”  If you click on this button you will be taken to a smaller gallery of just the Images you have added to favorites.  Once you have selected all the images that you would like, simply tell Brad, via e-mail or telephone or text message that you have finished selecting.  Brad has access to this gallery and will then edit the selected Images.

What Type of editing do you do ?

Brad uses Lightroom & Photoshop to edit your Images. Although Brad prefers to make most of the adjustments whilst shooting there is always some form of editing that needs to be done.  He prefers a more minimalistic approach, however this will be largely dependent upon the end use of the Images.  If your headshots are for Commercial use, for example actors or models that will be using them in their professional portfolios, then there will be very little editing done.  As I mentioned before Model agents & film directors prefer to see the real you.  I tend to work on the principal when editing someones face ” if it won’t be there in 2 weeks I will remove it “  Things like pimples etc can be removed where as things like scars and moles or beauty spots will stay.  If the Headshots are for private use then I will be guided by the client as to how much or how little editing will be done to the Images.

How long does editing take ?

Brad always endeavors to edit and have your Images ready for use as quickly as possible. 5 working days is the standard time frame, but Brad will try, where possible, to have your images edited and to you ASAP.

What Image formats can I have ?

Brad will normally send you JPeg files unless otherwise requested. Brad can send all of the usual formats that are used, from Tiff PDF etc

What happens after the Editing & how do I get my Images ?

Along with the e-mail with access to your gallery for those that did not pay in advance, you should have received an invoice.  Once that invoice has been satisfied via bank transfer, cash or Credit Card the edited Images will be Dropboxed to you. Note : there is a 3% bank surcharge with Credit card

What is Dropbox ?

Dropbox is the quick & efficient system that Brad uses to give you your images.  Basically, Brad creates a folder for you online and then gives you access to that folder. You will receive an e-mail with a link.  Once you have accessed that folder, you simply download the images straight to your computer.  This is a fabulous system and allows for a quick and easy way to deliver your Images to you.  You can access your images within minutes of them being edited.  You can access them from your office or from where ever you maybe that has online access.  It certainly beats downloading Images to a disk or memory stick and snail mailing them to you !  However, if you are adamant that you want a disk or similar, then I will send you a disk.

Brad is always trying to improve his systems and loves feedback from clients ! If you have suggestions about the shoot or after the shoot please don’t hesitate to contact Brad and discuss.  He would love to hear from you !