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“Mind Set, What the hell do you know about Mind Set ? – Gold Coast Headshot Photographer

Posted by on October 30, 2017 | Comments Off


“Mind Set, What the hell do you know about Mind Set ?

Last week I posted a video where I talked about Mindset.  You can visit my Facebook page if you are interested in having a look.  or click here – https://www.facebook.com/brad.K.delaney/videos/1692594614146165/

Now you might ask, and the majority of emails I received were, ” what the hell does a Headshot Photographer know about mindset”  or along those lines.  Let me explain -

I am primarily a corporate Headshot Photographer so apart from a few models & actors that actually do enjoy the process of being photographed, most are there under sufferance.  Maybe this is a bit harsh for dentists but, I would consider peoples willingness to be photographed is right up there with visiting the dentist. 99.9% of the people come into my studio don’t really want to be there !

Why is this so ?  I believe primarily because of their mindset, brought on by years of having ordinary photos taken of themselves.  Let me back up a little. There are basically 2 types of mindsets that can become apparent very early on in life.  There is a great article that explains it in more detail than i ever could - https://www.brainpickings.org/2014/01/29/carol-dweck-mindset/

How does Mind Set pertain to photography  ?  I believe from years of experience that most people have a ” Fixed Mindset” when it becomes to being photographed.  They believe that they are not photogenic and never look good in a photograph.  This belief has been formed over many years of being photographed and not enjoying the results from weddings, to networking events, to parties and just normal social situations.  Now, you can imagine the trepidation that people feel when in this Social Media fuelled world, business people realise, shit, I have to have a Headshot taken.  I have people come into the studio that are literally shaking at the prospect of having their Headshot done.

Ok, so people don’t like having their photograph taken that’s nothing new !  The reason though is what gets most people.  The reason people don’t like having their photograph taken is that have never been taught how to do it properly.  Thats right, looking good in a photograph is teachable.  Doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, being photogenic is something you can learn.

Think back on all the times you have been photographed even by professional photographers !  Did they just stand you up or sit you down and tell you to smile ?  Did they really study your face and give you advice about your stronger side of your face, your bigger eye, did they know why you have your hair parted on that side of your face ?  Did they teach you how to get rid of your double chins and how to make your eyes look interesting.  They they teach you how to smile and step you through the different levels of your smile and work out which one suits you best ?  I’m guessing they didn’t.

The most powerful thing that happens in my studio I think is when people realise that they can look good in a photograph and their mindset changes.  It’s almost like a light goes off.  I will admit it can be a difficult transition for many people and they do look at disbelief at the images on the screen and ask ” is that really me ?”

The next blog I am going to talk about is the ” Purpose” of a Corporate Headshot.  What is the purpose of the Corporate Headshot ?  For me I would think it is to attract potential clients, nothing else.  Why then do people insist on having these big fake smiles plastered all over their faces in their Corporate Headshots ?  What is  the difference between a Corporate Headshot and a Portrait ?

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