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Corporate Headshots


I believe that being Photogenic is a learned skill, like driving a car or riding a bike !

Personal Branding or Social Media is not going away.  We are moving into an age where our own image is going to become more important than our logo.  In fact it will become our logo. Your ability to stand out from the crowd will be everything in a system where people are making online decisions at a faster rate than ever before.

You need to ask yourself – What does my Headshot say about me & my business ?  Am I sending the right message. Am I conveying the right mood or atmosphere ? Is my Headshot strong enough to direct people to take action, ie call me, send an e-mail, click a link based on my Headshot.

You will need to pay particular attention to your Headshot.  How can you get the very best look ?

Brad believes there are 2 main reasons why people hate having their photo taken – 1. they have never been taught how to do it & because of that 2.   If you are standing in front of a photographer thinking ” I hate having my photograph taken, then that will show in your expression.

It’s all about the expression !

What if I told you that you can control your own expression and you can look Approachable, trustworthy, interesting, professional & warm all in the one Image.  Would you believe me ?  What about if I gave you a 100% money back guarantee ?

Your own Image is all about the expression.  The expression you can create with Brads unique Level Method Headshot system.

Call now for a quote or to chat about what we can do for you.