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Its all about the expression – The Headshot Guys

Posted by on May 27, 2014 | Comments Off

The camera can be quite an intimidating instrument when it’s staring right at you. Once in front of it, the majority of us just seem to tense up. What is it about the way models pose that set them apart from the average person? What are the tricks they are using that make them turn out so much better. The answer is Squinching!

SQUINCH? The secret facial expressions that can make anyone look more photogenic in an instant.

What is Squinching? According to photographer Peter Hurley it is the art of making your eyes look smaller. If you do this every time, you will look better in photos. It’s not quite squinting, says professional photographer Peter Hurley. Scrunching up your eyes and squinting is not cool. Squinching involves the subtle art of lifting your lower eyelids so that you appear self-assured and smouldering. Confidence comes from the eyes.

Squinching is the zone where the magic happens; the difference between a good portrait with jawline and attitude to the eyes. Every excellent portrait has mood, emotion and attitude. Squinching is one of the tricks to how great portraits become great by accentuating the attitude shown in the eyes.

To Squinch or not to Squinch is never the question especially in photography. The technique used by professional photographers, professional models and actors. Until now it was kept a secret and there was never a name for it. Thanks to Professional Photographer Peter Hurley, “Squinching” finally has a name.

To avoid the dreaded double chin in photos, Hurley suggests tilting your head forward, emu-style, with your chin slightly dropped and your forehead slightly forward.

Practice Squinching in front of the bathroom mirror.

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