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Locations – Creek Street Brisbane  & Robina – Gold Coast

Headshots for Executives, Corporates, Actors, Models & Singles


Do you hate having your Photograph taken ?


Gold Coast & Brisbane Headshots

Headshots for Executives – Click for Portfolio

In my sessions I guarantee I will teach you 3 easy things to do that will instantly make you look better in a photograph !  Not just in my studio but, anytime you have your photo taken !

Do you need Headshots that make you look approachable, warm, knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional…… And be given simple techniques for always looking great in any photo?

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Headshots for Professionals – Click Image for Portfolio

Good Headshots don’t happen by accident !

The Headshot guys know the single most important reason why most people struggle in front of the camera is that they have never been taught the 3 things that they can do with their face that will instantly make them look better in a photograph.   You need a photographer that knows how to guide you through the process of giving you these 3 things.  Get guaranteed results from a qualified Professional that will create the best photographic version of you!

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Headshots for Actors – Click Image to see Portfolio

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No more fake smiles, no more double chins, only expressions that make you look confident & interesting !

Watch Brad’s story here - 

Being Photogenic is a skill that can be taught !

Headshot Photographers

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  ” Brad – you are the MAN! We love our photos. The whole experience from beginning to end was a lot of fun, enlightening and produced excellent results. You have done a brilliant job of capturing our personalities. Your style not only sets you apart as a photographer, but us as professionals wherever we use these images.   CLICK HERE - For more TESTIMONIALS



Headshot Photographers Gold Coast

Headshots for Social Media – Click Image to see Portfolio

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Headshots for Websites – Click Image for Portfolio

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Headshots for Acting – Click Image for Portfolio

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The Headshot Guys is one of the leading Gold Coast and Brisbane Photographers for Headshots and has been delighting clients with his shoots & Images for nearly 30 years. Brad has a light and unassuming air that makes clients feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot.

Headshot photos

Headshots for Former Miss Australians – Click here for Portfolio

He realises that the shoot is all about you and strives to maintain an upbeat & positive vibe in the studio. Many clients have remarked how informative & fun the shoot is, as Brad attempts to lead you through the process of creating some wonderful Headshot & Profile Images.

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Headshots for Marketing Execs. – Click Image for Portfolio

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Brad believes that ” if the client has a little bit of an understanding about what I am doing, it makes it that much more interesting and easier to get to where we want to go. If the client is excited and buys into the whole process, I am positive they will be delighted with their Images. Its a collaboration between myself & the client and it should be a fun, positive experience that they will be happy to tell their friends, family & co-workers about”

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Headshots for Rockstars – Click here for Portfolio

Gold Coast & Brisbane Photographers are ” a dime a dozen” these days but not so many are truly talented. When choosing a Photographer for your headshot, facebook, Linked In or Website profile Image will you be choosing the best ? Profile Images are a fact of life nowadays and people expect to see an Image that makes you look confident but approachable.

Brisbane Headshot Photographer

Brad has a unique style that has been influenced by some of the masters of photography – Richard Avendon, Arthur Leipzig & Peter Hurley. He brings that style to everyone of his shoots and looks forward to having you in his studio.

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