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The Shoot



The Shoot

Discover the New Level method for shooting Headshots that Brad has devised.  There are only 3 Things that you have to think about when having your Headshot taken -


Brad wants to delight you with the Images that he produces and he believes that the Shoot is a collaboration between you & him.  To make the shoot run smoothly there are a few things that Brad asks you to think about before the shoot, it may also answer some or any questions you have.

Where is your Studio ?

Robina on the Gold Coast in Queensland .  As a leading Gold Coast & Brisbane Photographer the studio is equipped to make your Images look amazing.

How long does the Shoot Take ?

The shoot normally takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours from the time we start shooting.  The shoot is a process of learning about your face and your expressions and what makes YOU look your absolute best in a photograph.  You would appreciate that everyone’s face is different and hence your pose, the expression in your eyes and the angle of your face will be slightly different than the next girl or guy.

What Should I wear ?

You will only need to think about Tops as its a Headshot shoot.  I would expect that you might bring up to 5 tops.  They could be shirts, jumpers, crop tops, tank tops, I only want you to bring tops that you really really like.  My theory is that if you really like the top you are wearing then you are going to feel more comfortable and its going to be easier for you to relax.  Obviously, if you are looking for Corporate Images you might need to wear a shirt & tie for men or a corporate type shirt or blazer for women.  The same thing applies though.  I would still expect that you feel comfortable in the outfit you choose.

What make-up should I wear ?

Make up should reflect the type of look you want.  If you are a Model or an Actor then light fresh make up that allows casting agents & directors to get a feel for your face is important.  If you have scars or permanent blemishes on your face, its no point covering them over with make up because they will see them in a meet & greet anyway and they will be annoyed if they discover them at that time.  If you are looking for Corporate Headshots then I would suggest the make up that you would wear to a job interview or to a normal day at the office.  I have a professional make -up artist that works with me that can attend your shoot.  She can give sound professional advice as to the type of make-up that would suit you.  Please ask about make-up & I can include it in my quote.

How should I do my hair ?

Your choice of hair style should reflect you !  For those with short hair it should be clean & neat.  For those with long hair you have more versatility.  Usually during a shoot we do some some shots with it out, back, up, pony tailed.  This gives you a number of options to choose from when you go to select your final Images to edit. I have a professional hair stylist that works with me that can attend your shoot.  She can give sound professional advice as to the type of hair style that would suit you.  Please ask about hair & I can include it in my quote.

Brad has attempted to answer the usual questions from clients on this page but of course if you have any more that are not answered here, please contact Brad via telephone, e-mail, text or through the Contact Form provided on this site.  he will be delighted to answer any and all of your questions.

PLEASE NOTE – Brad shoots in a cinematic style or Horizontal format.  The style you see in the Portfolio is how the images are shot, PLEASE NOTE – THE IMAGES ARE NOT CROPPED to get this look !   If you require a style other than this, it must be requested both verbally and in writing.

After the Shoot


The Gallery

At the end of the shoot Brad will sit with you to select your Imagery. It is a process of elimination as Brad wants you to only have the very best Images to represent yourself.  Brad can create an online proofing  gallery for you and give you access to that gallery via your e-mail address if you would prefer that method of image selection.

What Type of editing do you do ?

Brad uses Lightroom & Photoshop to edit your Images. Although Brad prefers to make most of the adjustments whilst shooting there is always some form of editing that needs to be done.  He prefers a more minimalistic approach, however this will be largely dependent upon the end use of the Images.  If your headshots are for Commercial use, for example actors or models that will be using them in their professional portfolios, then there will be very little editing done.  As I mentioned before Model agents & film directors prefer to see the real you.  I tend to work on the principal when editing someones face ” if it won’t be there in 2 weeks I will remove it “  Things like pimples etc can be removed where as things like scars and moles or beauty spots will stay.  If the Headshots are for private use then I will be guided by the client as to how much or how little editing will be done to the Images.

How long does editing take ?

Brad always endeavors to edit and have your Images ready for use as quickly as possible. 5 working days is the standard time frame, but Brad will try, where possible, to have your images edited and to you ASAP.

What Image formats can I have ?

Brad will normally send you JPeg files unless otherwise requested. Brad can send all of the usual formats that are used, from Tiff PDF etc

What happens after the Editing & how do I get my Images ?

Once that invoice has been satisfied via bank transfer, cash or Credit Card the edited Images will be Dropboxed to you.

What is Dropbox ?

Dropbox is the quick & efficient system that Brad uses to give you your images.  Basically, Brad creates a folder for you online and then gives you access to that folder. You will receive an e-mail with a link.  Once you have accessed that folder, you simply download the images straight to your computer.  This is a fabulous system and allows for a quick and easy way to deliver your Images to you.  You can access your images within minutes of them being edited.  You can access them from your office or from where ever you maybe that has online access.  It certainly beats downloading Images to a disk or memory stick and snail mailing them to you !  However, if you are adamant that you want a disk or similar, then I will send you a disk.

Brad is always trying to improve his systems and loves feedback from clients ! If you have suggestions about the shoot or after the shoot please don’t hesitate to contact Brad and discuss.  He would love to hear from you !