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Good Headshots don’t happen by accident !


Do you need Headshots that make you look approachable, warm, knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional…… And be given a simple technique for always looking awesome in any photo ?


If you answered Yes, then you need a photographer that knows how to guide you through the process.  Get guaranteed results from a qualified Professional that will create the best photographic version of you !

 Home of the Brilliant “LEVEL METHOD” for shooting Headshots !  Guaranteed to create AWESOME Headshots every time !

Being Photogenic is a skill that can be taught !


 ” Brad – you are the MAN! We love our photos. The whole experience from beginning to end was a lot of fun, enlightening and produced excellent results. You have done a brilliant job of capturing our personalities. Your style not only sets you apart as a photographer, but us as professionals wherever we use these images. Thank you so much. We will be sending everyone we know your way!   Loren Cowling, Director, Cashflow Confidence

Thanks Brad, I’m super excited by the results you created when you did my recent headshots…I can honestly say you ARE “The Headshot Guy”! Having personally experienced the “magic” you are able to create with your processes and coaching, as well as seeing the finished results, I can highly recommend you to anyone seeking a  professional image for their business.  Gayle McKew – Prosperity Planning  

“Brad delivered professionally, on time and far beyond expectations.  I cannot speak highly enough about his ability to both perform as a photographer, but also to make the person he is photographing feel at ease with the process.  His style is impeccable and his character amazing.   In my lifetime, I have never taken a decent photograph.  I could not believe how many excellent photographs Brad captured in our time together.  I no longer have to feel dread when required to submit a photograph on a speaking event.  I cannot praise Brad’s talent enough – he is truly exceptionally talented.”  Katrina Brown, Practice Director, Nautilus Law Group  

Bradkay Photographix is one of the leading Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Photographers for Headshots and has been delighting clients with his shoots & Images for nearly 30 years. Brad has a light and unassuming air that makes clients feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot.

He realizes that the shoot is all about you and strives to maintain an upbeat & positive vibe in the studio. Many clients have remarked how informative & fun the shoot is, as Brad attempts to lead you through the process of creating some wonderful Headshot & Profile Images.

Brad believes that ” if the client has a little bit of an understanding about what I am doing, it makes it that much more interesting and easier to get to where we want to go. If the client is excited and buys into the whole process, I am positive they will be delighted with their Images. Its a collaboration between myself & the client and it should be a fun, positive experience that they will be happy to tell their friends, family & co-workers about”

Gold Coast & Brisbane Photographers are ” a dime a dozen” these days but not so many are truly talented. When choosing a Photographer for your headshot, facebook, Linked In or Website profile Image will you be choosing the best ? Profile Images are a fact of life nowadays and people expect to see an Image that makes you look confident but approachable.

Brad has a unique style that has been influenced by some of the masters of photography – Richard Avendon, Arthur Leipzig & Peter Hurley. He brings that style to everyone of his shoots and looks forward to having you in his studio.



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More About Our Company

Brad from ther Headshot Guys

Brad from the Headshot Guys

Brad from Bradkay Photographix has been a photographer since he was a boy growing up.  He has traveled extensively throughout his career but although he always calls the Gold Coast home, he now shoots in Brisbane & Northern NSW.  Brad’s recent focus on Headshot Photography came through the belief that Social Media is here to stay and  moving forward people will always be looking for cool, stylish & interesting profile Images of themselves.

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