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Actor Headshots Tips — You need them !

Posted by on March 7, 2014 | 0 comments

Actor Headshots Tips — You need them !


Are you trying to break into the competitive world of acting? Casting Director’s all over the world agree a bad head shot will stop you from getting auditions and acting jobs.

As an actor your headshot is your calling card, first impression and advertisement.

Casting Directors will go through hundreds of headshots when searching for the perfect look for a role. So what will help you stand out from the rest and get you an audition?

Bradkay Photographix has put together some great tips for actors wanting to capture the imagination of Casting Directors and get the perfect headshot to launch a career.

  1. The number one rule from a Casting Director is to have a Professional Headshot as you are a Professional Actor and you are competing against other Professional Actors. Do not use a portrait photographer or even your mum, you may get a nice photo but a professional headshot photographer will know how to capture your moments and create something memorable and special.
  2. Know your Brand – What roles do you normally get cast in, who do you want to portray and what do you want your headshot to reflect? For example, if you normally get cast as a mum you don’t want a vixen style headshot. Bradkay Photographix will work with you to create the brand and style that works for you.
  3. Have more than two expressions in your headshot portfolio but do not go over the top or extreme. Even if you are a character actor keep your expressions simple and suggestive, like there is something going on behind the eyes. A warm smiling headshot is always a winner!
  4. Don’t wear busy clothing or costume pieces like glasses, it is important not to distract the casting director away from YOU!
  5. Your headshots need to be sharp and contrasting, blurry images will just make you blend into the crowd.

At Bradkay Photographix we specialise in Headshots, we know how to capture that moment or twinkle in the eye which will result in the perfect actor’s portfolio headshot.

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